Gallery Jitters

I went to the opening of Topophobia, think it is to do with fear of places. I have several refrences to follow up but they are all very academic in language. I am trying to keep this blog simple to start with. 

"Gallery Jitters" is just an unease on entering a gallery. I think the cause is that gradually the web and social media are accepted in most of current society. It has happened with music so I am allowed to video performance and edit sound mixes. this helps me with a blog or radio programme.

Visual art and galleries are still in a world where the content is under control. If there is video it is often directly produced by the gallery. So even with a “recipe exchange” , arguably connected in theme with social media, it is much more likely that the public will be photographed than allowed to take photographs themselves.

On Saturday at Spacex there was a sign on the door warning that filming was to take place. Then it was announced that if you did not wish to be part of the video you could wear a special badge. Unsurprisingly nobody I noticed requested such a badge. I don’t mind being in a video. Can I request what I am quoted as saying?  Do I get a copy? Can I edit it with my own stuff? soforth.

The fear of place as presented seems to be concentrated on the city, then on virtual worlds or anything to do with the internet where apparently we are likely to be on high alert, obsessionally checking email and tweets. ( Which is what I should be doing this Monday morning by the way)

My guess is that the cloud could actually complement the gallery quite well. A book with video stills might fit with YouTube. I will be looking more at Twinity and Second Life. I am allowed to take photos so may try some collage. Sadly I may feel more relaxed.

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First look at the StrandbeestAnimaris Ordis Mutantisat Fed Square

Interesting for me because the Strandbeest was on Exmouth beach awhile ago. Thinking about this because Animated Exeter is this week and next. What is the proper term for a Creative Commons copyriught style public culture event? There is a different business model to a gallery. The Strandbeest for example has a fixed fee to appear. No image rights problems. Your photo can be Creative Commons if you choose. Theo Jansen answered my question for YouTube. He welcomes online memes as reproduction of Strandbeests not yet otherwise resolved. We have some projections on Exeter cathedral later this week, another Creative Commons opportunity imho.

Why did they trash Guardian Talk?

Today I bought a Guardian print version. Just as bad as could be. There is much less of it. This after a 20% price rise.

And a lot of it is a promo for the web. Join the important discussion around lost in showbiz?

And then the mention of Tumblr, not just for comment but also for music.

I really don’t understand why they junked the talkboard. Was it just an unfortunate Friday lunchtime? Was there any thought about a strategy? I think it was about ten years with almost no change in the software, no mentions in the print version, and no contributions from Guardian staff.

It could have been a social network from the UK.

It could have been a basis for citizen journalism.

But it was trashed without warning, no chance even for readers to back up their own stuff.

So now it is moving to Tumblr. This will work ok but I can’t see why we need the Guardian in all this.

Tomorrow I guess the book section will still be there. Books are very important, not like sound and video to be tacked on after lost in showbiz.

Trying out what can be done with Tumblr from Flickr. So far failed to link to set, failed to link to specific photo. But previously a set posted by robot ok. Anyway, this is a response to Tourist at Spacex.

hannis_jo’s photostream on Flickr.More stuff from photo land

hannis_jo’s photostream on Flickr.

More stuff from photo land
hello tumblr

starting with tumblr because Spacex are using it and I may need to comment

surely the un or someone could just declare a universal space?